Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a “preset”?

Presets are “filters” created by photographers for Adobe Lightroom. A preset is a lot of different actions — like adjusting colors, exposure, white balance, and saturation — all saved into one action, called a “preset”. The benefit of presets is they are much, much quicker than manually editing every photo, they create consistency in your photos, and anyone can use them—whether you’ve ever edited a photograph or not!

I didn't receive my presets?

Your email should be sent within minutes of purchasing! If you aren’t seeing it, please check your junk mail or spam folders first. The email was sent from {info@thepresetpack}. Be sure to also add this address to your email contacts to avoid my emails going to spam. Lastly, your download links should have also been provided in your Order Confirmation on the website, so you can access them that way as well. Already closed out of the Order Confirmation page? No worries. Just send us an email

What do I need for these presets?

Requirements for each product are listed under the product’s “Description.” In general, these are the requirements: MOBILE: Lightroom Mobile App (Free) & Zip Viewer App (Free) iPhone 6 or newer OR phones running on Android 7 or newer DESKTOP: Classic Lightroom or monthly subscription to Lightroom CC

How do I install these presets?

Do I need to buy a Lightroom subscription to use the presets?

If you're planning on using the presets on the free Lightroom mobile app, you can download a free Lightroom CC to access the filters

What is your return/refund policy?

Due to the nature of these digital downloads, all sales are final, and non-refundable, without exception.